Spin Spin Spin Spin!

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This week was all about our spinathon event, which would see us and 28 others spinning on the bikes for anything from 1 hour to 4 hours, obviously Sarah and I were going for the full four hours!

Monday morning started the same as always, an early start at David Lloyd, on the indoor bikes and the rest of the week saw Sarah and I doing our own workouts. Even though we didn’t see each other until the weekend, we were constantly messaging each other about our events, training and general day to day stuff. It’s amazing to have someone else who can relate to the daily emotional roller coaster I tend to go through.

As the weekend approached we were getting more and more apprehensive about the spinathon event. Not only were there some last minute cancellations, so spaces to fill, but we wanted to make sure the event ran as smoothly as possible, with everyone having the best experience possible – especially as they were supporting us. And then there was the added stress of actually knowing we had to perform for four hours on the spin bikes!

By Friday night, I was feeling the stress levels reaching a high and it wasn’t until later in the night, when there was really nothing else we could do, that I got an early night to try and get as much sleep as possible. I was surprised that I slept well, but woke with butterflies of excitement and nerves. We arrived at David Lloyd, Exeter, nice and early to help set up and walked in to find that the bikes were going to be set up in the middle of the downstairs lounge/café area, and not outside, which was amazing!!! And as soon as we got them moved into place, it looked awesome and we were buzzing, adrenaline was pumping and I knew it was going to be one epic morning of cycling. All nerves out the window and ready for the challenge.

All of our fantastic spinners started to arrive and after big welcome hugs, everyone was choosing their bikes and getting their legs warmed up. Dan Fleming, Pippa Rothwell, Candice Peachey and Joe Rosser were our instructors for the morning, with Dan kicking off proceedings and warming the crowd up. There was such a fantastic atmosphere, with Sarah and I really feeling the love. We are so lucky to have such fantastic friends and support from everyone involved.

It wasn’t long before Dan had worked through his pyramid set and was handing the ropes over to Candice to take us into the second hour, with some people switching off and on bikes, some grabbing goodies such as jelly babies, bananas, energy gels or bars, just to help them stay fuelled for the remaining three hours. Candice helped us all sing our way through the next hour, especially a moment when we were all singing loudly to Queen’s ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ which was quite apt, being sat on a bike for so long.

My husband, sister and brother in law were a great support during the morning, selling raffle tickets, directing people to bikes, filling water bottles and handing out bananas and gels to people. And of course being my personal support crew to pass me bottles and bars during the event – thank you 🙂

And then we were into the third hour with Pippa at the helm. This for me was the toughest hour, with my legs starting to feel tired and my head questioning why I was doing this. And my mental battle was not helped by the extreme burning on the sole of my feet, a common cyclist issue called ‘hot feet’ which feels like they are on fire. Sarah and I experienced this during our 140 mile Dragon ride in 2018, but at least we would get some respite when descending, but no downhill on a spin bike!!!

But we are both super determined and battled through the pain, knowing that everyone else was also digging deep, with the fourth and final hour approaching, Joe Rosser took the final set and led us to the finish line, completing the 4 hours himself. It’s amazing how your legs find something else left in the tank when you know you are nearly finished and I was loving the final sprints of the morning. It may have also been the energy gel that I had half an hour before the end 🙂

And then it was done – a little under 4 hours – 4 instructors – the most amazing bunch of people spinning with us and taking on their own challenges for the morning. Sarah and I stayed on the bikes to make sure we hit the 4 hours/go for slightly higher mileage, which some others did as well, which was great to see people’s determination to reach their own personal goals.

It had been an amazing morning of spinning, sweating, singing, smiling and most importantly, raising funds for our two fantastic charities, which is the over riding goal of our cycling adventures this year. But we were also so glad that everyone had enjoyed the epic morning of cycling and were walking away with big smiles on their faces, after a great workout and great achievements.

Sarah and I were on a high for the rest of the day. We had both smashed our original spinathon targets with Sarah averaging 19mph and covering 76 miles and I averaged 20mph and covered 80 miles in the 4 hours – great to see all of our training paying off. Just a shame on the rugby score 🙁 But at least our bits were fine after four hours in the saddle -bonus! 😊

And then a misty Sunday morning saw us on actual bikes for a recovery spin to Dawlish and back. Blue skies and sunshine greeted us in Dawlish and thoughts turned to summer days when we can cycle with just shorts and a jersey and leave all the winter weather kit behind!

This truly was an epic cycling week for us, nearly 150 miles covered and £660 raised towards our target of £5,000. We loved being able to spin out with such amazing people around us, a massive thank you once again to everyone involved – you are all super stars!!!!

Stats this week!
Miles ridden this week: 150!
Money raised to date: £860.00


Hitting the 80 miles in the Spinathon – 20.1mph average – LOVE IT!!!
Cycling with so many amazing and supportive people at the Spinathon and having Sarah by my side to share it with
Erdringer – I can’t drink alcohol after large training sessions, so a cold non alcoholic beer and crisps went down a treat!
The spinathon – our first event and what a cracker. A brilliant turn out with almost all the bikes full for all 4 hours – wonderful to be spinning surrounded by friends and like minded DL members! Pumping music and a brilliant workout courtesy of the 4 DL PT instructors. Massive thanks to DL for helping us put on a super slick event. I was so happy with my performance on the day, I was hoping for an average of 19mph and that’s what I did. It was wonderful to feel the love and support in the room. A brilliant morning and some good money raised! A great start to our fundraising.


Stress levels – running around sorting all the last minute bits and pieces for spinathon, whilst nerves creeping in as well
FOMO – In work on Wednesday, knowing that Sarah had the day off so was out on her bike
Rugby score – I say no more!

Realising that some of the spinathoners (people we don’t know) didn’t pay for their bikes for the spinathon. Apparently that’s quite normal according to the some of the DL staff – really?! Makes me a bit sad that people would sign up for a charity event and not contribute.

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